Throughout millennia, scholars, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, psychics, shamans, spiritual gurus, religious leaders, writers - you and I - have offered their "spin" on the meaning of life.  This has been man's eternal quest - to know and understand the reason for his very existence.  What is the purpose of his life?  Why was he born?  What should he achieve?  Does it really make any difference if he lives an honorable life or one of mediocrity?  What formidable power decides If he is rich or poor, healthy or disabled, happy or miserable, successful or needy, loved or lonely?  Is it just a roll of the dice? Or is there something more sacred and profound to be offered?

Perhaps this article will offer a unique and interesting concept to those searching for answers.  Others, who are already familiar with the concept and have  embraced its tenets, will find satisfaction in the reinforcement. 

It is believed in esoteric circles that each one of us is a "God" spark of energy.  We are really spiritual beings (energy) experiencing a physical sojourn while concealed in a human body.  The Creator designed this plan and in doing so, realizes His/Her unlimited power and potential mirrored back from each one of us when we triumph over adversity and negativity.  

We have all contributed towards the spiritual evolution of the planet and humanity.  Through our sacrifices, love, compassion, goodness, and achievements, we have heightened our own divinity during each sojourn to this planet.  It is believed that entities from other worlds of the Universe recognize the Angel Spirits who have sojourned to planet Earth by the breathtaking colors of their "Merkabah".

Astrology has offered many breakthroughs and insights to explain the soul's journey via the dynamic and noble energies reflected in the individual's Sun Sign and natal chart.  It advocates that our contributions to life are the positive characteristics of our most developed astrological signs, while our challenges are the negative characteristics of our least developed signs.   If an individual does not express those energies reflective of the Sun Sign, it is highly suspect that the energy is blocked; there can be many reasons why this is so.  The greater the obstacle/s, the greater the challenge it will be for each Angel to master the physical world in his/her journey and accomplish the mission that was assigned. 

Astrology suggests that life continues beyond death. What meaning would our lives have if they were not part of a larger process of evolution?  Reincarnation explains many of the mysteries of life; why people are so unique and their lives so different.  We question just how much of our life is predetermined and how much is created by our choices?  This is the great mystery.  

It is believed that free will and predestination interweave in our lives.  Many of us believe that certain events and people in life are prearranged; but how and when they enter into our lives and when these events occur are determined by the circumstances we choose as well as the choices of those close to us.  Most significant is the choice made by each Angel, under the Higher Self's direction, as to their life path and the lessons they will incur.  It does  this by choosing a chart (a moment of birth) and thus arranging events.  At precisely the right moment, the Angel or soul will reenter life. 

We often speak of Karma.  Most people think of karma as "an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth."  Or . . . "As you sow, so shall you reap."  It supports the misunderstanding that we are born bad and that we must be punished for our sins.  This concept is a childish conception of the Creator.    Karma is a natural law of the universe and a tool for the evolution of humankind.  It is generated by love, as is all of life, and it cannot be born of retribution and punishment.   We all have lessons that are part of evolution.  Karmic debts however, originate from choices that caused serious injury or death and must be balanced.  This can be determined by an analysis of the chart.

Some people think that having karma with someone means staying with that person no matter what.   We are not expected to stay in  unhappy or unhealthy relationships.  Unhappiness is often a sign that a soul's needs are not being met and that sometimes, the relationship must dissolve.  This does not deny the value of commitment .  . . one must be honest with oneself.

A karmic debt, or repayment for one, will be indicated in a chart although it is difficult to ascertain if one is receiving or owing the debt.  The same debt may necessitate many lifetimes to be balanced.  However, if a debt is reflected in the chart, it will shape the life in some way.  What form the repayment will take depends on several factors.  It can be repaid with various types of compensation.

Karmic debts or repayment will be indicated by  challenging aspects to Saturn and planets in the 12th house although challenging aspects to the outer planets are also significant.

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It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Aries, has an Aries Ascendant, planets in the sign of Aries and/or planets situated in the 1st house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "fire" element within their psyche. 

Angel Aries consented to a sojourn in which s/he would demonstrate qualities of leadership and unbridled courage.  Arians crave adventure, the novelty of the new enterprise, and the excitement of risk-taking and danger. The challenge of this sign is to learn patience and selflessness, which they usually learn the hard way.  Being too impulsive, they often make costly mistakes.   Many do not consider the feelings of others while on their hot pursuits of self-aggrandizement.  They can be quite hurtful with comments that are blurted out in anger -  words that can never be forgotten by those receiving them.  They have a short "fuse" and will often react in an exaggerated outburst.

As they evolve, their urge for excitement and danger in physical ways lessens and they become more focused towards a specific goal.  They begin to respect and accept other people's feelings and viewpoints. When their energy is positive, they are fearless even in the face of life's most difficult circumstances.  They make excellent contributions to society with their new projects, inventions, and discoveries. 

The North Node in the 1st house or  in Aries - Indicates the importance of initiative and independent action to the life task; traits that must be developed.  This life requires courage and individual initiative.  Building confidence is essential to balance the dependency sought in former lifetimes.  Need to follow their impulses and drives and be master of their own destiny.

Saturn in Aries or the 1st house - Indicates a fear of self-expression or self-assertion that must be overcome.  The cure lies in involvement with others who will provide the opportunity for self-assertion, ability to overcome shyness, awkwardness, and a lack of courage and confidence.  Can indicate an abuse of will in a former lifetime which is now being balanced by the frustrations and delays in attaining one's goals.

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Taurus, has a Taurus Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Taurus and/or planets situated in the 2nd house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "earth" element within their psyche. 

Angel Taurus teaches loyalty, love, and responsibility.  They focus their energy on work and productivity for the benefit of society, family, and self.  Developed Taureans are loyal, steady, hardworking, and reliable, making them the corner stones of society.  Their love for beauty leads to a refined aesthetic sense and they are very active in professions that require their skills.  After lifetimes of acquiring wealth and security, they know how to make money quite easily and are often baffled by the struggle others have with this.

Undeveloped Taureans are stubborn, rigid, and resistant to change.  They often feel persecuted by any kind of change not realizing that all life  is change!  Their slow, plodding manner, addiction to routine, and lack of openness to the new make them predictable and sometimes boring.  They may lack imagination, intuition, vision, and a spiritual perspective.  However, many are secretly fascinated with physic phenomena.  They can be obsessive about material security and a love of comfort and the finer things of life.  They can have a poverty "consciousness" with too much emphasis on monetary values.  Sometimes, they can be quite stingy.

The North Node in the 2nd house or Taurus - The need to develop a sense of identity  and a sense of self-worth.  Must become aware of what they value and desire and create or build something that reflects this need.  Tangibles are important as well as financial self-sufficiency.  Should define a talent as the life task may involve using a specific skill or talent.

Saturn in Taurus or the 2nd house - Obstacles and delays in making money.  Often symbolizes a fear of poverty and a sense of never having enough resulting from an experience of scarcity in a past life.  Prone to hoarding.  Must learn that no amount of wealth can buy security or a sense of self-worth - it must come from within.

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Gemini, has a Gemini Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Gemini and/or planets situated in the 3rd house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "air" element within their psyche. 

Angel Gemini wishes to sample a variety of life experiences.  They are knowledgeable in many areas and topics and are wonderful communicators.  Their joy is self-expression.  They are a delight at a party indulging in light, interesting, conversation and are able to put others at ease with their humor and lighthearted banter.  They exude charisma and their youthful demeanor will never reveal their true age.  Because their need to learn and communicate is so strong, they will spend a great deal of time reading, listening, writing, and talking to others.  Advanced Gemini brings to the world a lust for knowledge, a keen wit, and a refined ability to convey what they have learned as a result of their insatiable curiosity.

The undeveloped Gemini has a short attention span.  They can be flighty, unfocused, and superficial.  Many never become proficient in any particular niche.  They may live too much in their heads and fail to appreciate their bodies, emotions, and their spirit.

The North Node in the 3rd house or Gemini - Must learn to analyze and think logically.  Open-mindedness and attention to facts are important to balance intolerance and blind faith in former lifetimes.  Develop the ability to listen - and to communicate about mundane issues.  The life will be spent in the use and development of the individual's powers of reason and communication.

Saturn in Gemini or the 3rd house - Fear of being considered stupid by others prevents individual from expressing ideas and thoughts.  Can stutter or have hearing disability.  Early school experience difficult because of shyness.  Suffer from the insensitivity of other siblings.  Feelings of inferiority.   Must develop self-expression.

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Cancer, has a Cancer Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Cancer and/or planets situated in the 4th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "water" element within their psyche. 

Angel Cancer is naturally psychic and "tuned in".  His/her intuition is very heightened.  He understands emotion and pain - his own and that of others.  He has much empathy to give.  He is also very capable of "birthing" new ideas and his creativity abounds.  

Residual feelings of dependency from former lifetimes continue to influence the Cancer individual.  He/she needs to develop a sense of self and a personal identity separate from others so that they do not feel panicky and empty when a relationship is withdrawn or not available to them.  Yet, Cancer's strengths evolve from these early experiences of dependency.  As a result, they know what others need and they have the compassion to respond lovingly to them.  These qualities make them ideally suited to caring for others.  They are the "caretakers" of the Zodiac.  

To be happy, Cancer needs to find a niche that provides him/her with the same warmth and caring that they give to others.  Whatever their work, it must give emotional satisfaction and a feeling of being needed and appreciated.  If it doesn't, they will become resentful, moody, sullen and crabby.  

The North Node in the 4th house or Cancer -  These individuals are exploring and developing the personal sphere of life:  home, family, feelings, and caring for others.  They need to let go and feel vulnerable and show how they feel.  They must not try to control situations or others.

Saturn in Cancer or in the 4th house - Symbolizes the need to address a difficulty with a family member stemming from a former lifetime.  Subjected to heavy responsibilities and burdens with family.  May have to care for a parent.   Childhood situation was difficult.  Father may have died or been very cold and authoritative.  Home life lacking in warmth and emotional closeness.

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Leo has a Leo Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Leo and/or planets situated in the 5th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "fire" element within their psyche. 

Angel Leo seeks his own center.  He will invest time and energy in self-development and self-expression.  Because of a preoccupation with his ego and the desire for attention, he will seek the spotlight. Once there - he must perform.  Slowly, through may lifetimes, his creative and expressive talents develop.  However, his need for power, self-advancement, attention, and superiority can interfere with his ability to relate to others as equals.  He often becomes domineering.

Leo's most outstanding quality is his ability to attract and lead others.  He loves to be "in charge."  In time, as he builds confidence, he will have an intense dedication and belief in himself which spills over to others.  Leos  win the confidence of others with their optimism, warmth, playfulness, and genuine caring.  It's very difficult not to like them.  Thus they can win the help they need to accomplish great deeds.  They are fine actors, musicians, singers, dancers, and comedians.  They also are found in the teaching profession as their expressiveness and drama make them naturally appealing - especially to children. 

The North Node in the 5th house or Leo - Must learn to love on a one-to-one.  This is a lifetime to pursue own individuality and goals rather than put energy in group endeavors.  Time for self-development, creativity, self-expression, romance, love, fun, play, and joy. 

Saturn in Leo or in the 5th house - Gives a fear of self-expression due to a lack of confidence, courage, self-assertion, energy, and enthusiasm.  They may have misused their power or self-expression in past lives.  They find it  hard to play, be spontaneous, and enjoy life and are often shy, stiff, or awkward.  Struggle with feelings of being unloved and inadequacy.  Although hungry for love and affection, will find it difficult to express themselves.  Must learn to love self.  Karmic debt owed to a child.

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Virgo, has a Virgo Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Virgo and/or planets situated in the 6th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "earth" element within their psyche. 

Angel Virgo has spent many lifetimes in servile roles.  This is valuable to their evolution as it provides experience with handling the exigencies of life.  It gives them the opportunity of developing humility, efficiency, thoroughness, and a sense of duty.  But Virgos can get hung up on "service."  If they do not have fire or other identity-strengthening factors in their chart, they may lose themselves in service to others and wind up bitter and depressed.  After learning to transcend the resentment and anger of early lifetimes of servitude, they become consummate and humble servants.  At some time in their evolution, they realize goodwill and good work will raise them from their position of servitude to a position of "expert" when they realize their own intrinsic worth.  Eventually, they aspire to be noticed and appreciated for their own accomplishments.

The North Node in the 6th house or Virgo - These individuals have spent many lifetimes secluded from the world in monasteries, prisons, or asylums; lost in visions, drugs, meditation, dreams, or creativity; or dependent and helpless.  From these experiences they developed their compassion, imagination, and psychic sensitivity.  They must now learn to be in the world and embrace routines and mundane responsibilities.  The challenge is to find a way to apply their compassion and sensitivity practically in the world to serve others such as being involved in health and diet, healing,  analysis, organization, and crafts.

Saturn in Virgo or in the 6th house - May have a fear of illness.  Can indicate health difficulties which may be either mental or physical.  Should learn the connection between mind and body.  This placement may be teaching the importance of diet, hygiene, and proper care of the body.  May find self in a subservient position .  Indicates limitations, frustrations, and discontentment with work.  Leaning how to organize priorities.

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Libra, has a Libra Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Libra and/or planets situated in the 7th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "air" element within their psyche. 

Angel Libra hates to be alone.  He/she needs a partner and is willing to give all to the significant person in his life; sometimes at the expense of his own self-development.  Many Libras keep looking for the perfect love; someone they can idealize.  They have difficulty in making decisions and so will allow others to make decisions for them.  Like Cancer, dependency can be an issue for them.  They must learn not to put all their focus on one individual and to balance their lives with friends, career, and personal goals.

Relationships for Libra are often very painful.  Eventually the fantasy fades, reality rears its ugly head, and they are faced with the realization that they are ultimately alone in life and must make their own choices.  But, out of their pain, they have leaned how to negotiate, counsel, and mediate.  They make excellent marriage counselors and lawyers.

The North Node in the 7th house or Libra - Should use the confidence, courage, self-assertion, and leadership skills they developed in former lifetimes to encourage, support, and empower others and to create harmony and peace among people.  This is a lifetime of being helpful to others and being aware of their needs and learn to cooperate and share.

Saturn in Libra or in the 7th house - Fear of abandonment and loneliness.  Longing for a relationship but because of the fear of being hurt, will choose partner who is safe, older, and inclined toward being very serious and rigid.  Their anticipation of being hurt or rejected by others can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.  They tend to form relationships that are restricting, burdensome, disappointing, or unloving.  They are forced to face certain important lessons in love and to learn to cope with aloneness.  

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of  Scorpio, has a Scorpio Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Scorpio and/or planets situated in the 8th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "water" element within their psyche. 

At His/her worst, Angel Scorpio can be ruthless, vengeful, tenacious, and hard-hitting.  He is stubborn and determined to have his own way and so will engage in many power struggles in his lifetime - particularly with personal relationships.  He tends to submerge him/herself in those he loves and then attempt to control and manipulate them to his own end.  Scorpios are learning how to be equal partners, to be intimate, to trust, and to let go of loved ones.  These lessons are very difficult and painful and when a relationship fails, they have difficulty in moving on.  The tendency is to blame, find fault, and seek revenge.  Eventually, Scorpio learns that resentment and blame do not heal their broken hearts.

Those who have lived many Scorpio lifetimes have experienced many losses.  As a result, they develop insight into human nature and life's mysteries.  Scorpios seek answers to questions about life, which eventually helps them to develop understanding and strength.  They learn that life is neither controllable or predictable.  

The North Node in the 8th house or Scorpio - The shifting from material values to spiritual values, from ownership to joint ownership, and from a focus on self-development to partnership.  Scorpios are here to share their resources, support others, and to manifest their desires.  Teamwork is essential.  Their life work may involve areas related to growth, sex, healing, change, crisis intervention, reform, death, and transformation

Saturn in Scorpio or in the 8th house - Indicates a fear of intimacy and difficulty merging with another.  Relationships may involve unfaithfulness, betrayal and/or abandonment.  Problem with sexual dysfunction or promiscuity.   May be a victim of sexual abuse.  Financial burden within a partnership.  Lesson is to become aware of own motivation and to learn how to trust and share.  

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius, has a Sagittarius Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Sagittarius and/or planets situated in the 9th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "fire" element within their psyche. 

Angel Sagittarius searches for the truth.   He/she is restless and enjoys his freedom so necessary to his search.  During his lifetime, he will endeavor to learn and  compile information concerning religion, law, and world philosophies.  He loves to travel and will venture on long distant journeys of both land and mind.  His carefree nature makes it difficult for him to commit to responsibility.  Many lifetimes spent in free exploration and independent activity may also interfere with developing relationship skills.  He lacks a sense of direction and purpose.

After many lifetimes, Sagittarius will develop a rich appreciation of life and will have moved beyond divisive philosophies to a broader, all-inclusive philosophy, which views life and humanity benevolently.  He will have tasted all the diversity of life and now realize the underlying principles behind that diversity.  He will then usually have prestigious positions in government, law, and religion.

The North Node in the 9th house or Sagittarius - The need to learn to go beyond logic and trust their intuition.  In the past, knowledge was sought from books and other people.  The lesson now is to go within for answers.   A lifetime of devoted to spiritual questing.  Their life task may relate to bringing the truth they uncover to others through the ministry, law, teaching, writing, speaking, publishing, psychic readings, or channeling.  They are here to provide inspiration, hope, faith, and a spiritual perspective.

Saturn in Sagittarius or in the 9th house - These individuals may have experienced mental oppression, dogmatism, or restriction of personal freedom in former lifetime from religious, legal, governmental, or educational institutions or from family members resulting in an agnostic attitude.  Must discover own truth and belief system that works for them.  Must not force belief system on others.

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Capricorn, has a Capricorn Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Capricorn and/or planets situated in the 10th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "earth" element within their psyche. 

Angel Capricorn may be rigid and stern until he/she develops the positive characteristics of dependability, loyalty, conventionality, practicality, patience, endurance, and the ability to lead.  They may be cold and indifferent towards others lacking compassion and empathy.  They can be obsessed with work, stopping at nothing to achieve money, power, status, and recognition.  Once they learn the proper use of power and authority and develop an impeccable work ethic, they are brilliant leaders and have much to offer the world.  They develop systems, organizations, conventions, and formulas that help society run smoothly.  Their earlier desire for gold and prestige fades, which allows them to invest their practical skills in furthering less self-centered ambitions. They often use their elevated social positions to make changes that will improve society.  They become philanthropists or use their skills to help people in other ways.  

The North Node in the 10th house or Capricorn - These individuals must be involved in the world and in a career.  They need to set goals and achieve them.  Rather than depending on others for their care and identity, they are learning to take responsibility for their lives.  The life task will develop their ability to manage and lead with a focus on self-sufficiency.  The career is likely to central to the life task and may even be identical to it. 

Saturn in Capricorn or in the 10th house - May have a fear of success as well as a fear of failure.  Anxious about one's own power because of public humiliation in a previous lifetime stemming from a fall from a high social position.  They would be wise to refrain from using unethical means for attaining  power and from abusing the power they do achieve so as not to repeat the same mistake.  There is an intense ambition and the need to be important although he has a sense of inadequacy.  Must work hard to attain and maintain social status although he will encounter obstacles, delays, disappointments, or lack of opportunity in the career.  However, with hard work, caution, discipline, and humility, great things can be achieved. 

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Aquarius, has a Aquarius Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Aquarius and/or planets situated in the 11th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "air" element within their psyche. 

Angel Aquarius shines in the crowd but is not at his best with his one-to-one relationships.  He avoids intimacy and the emotional side of life.  His involvement is with groups and the desire to serve humanity.  Despite his emotional detachment, his friendliness and acceptance of others allows him to get along with many different types of people.  However, his partner or significant other may wish nurturing and closeness only to find him lacking in feeling, difficult to know, and nearly impossible to understand.  Their best match is someone who has the same need for space and freedom.  It takes numerous lifetimes as a Libra, Cancer, or Scorpio to develop the relationship skills they lack.

Most Aquarians have a strong bent for science and mathematics. Usually ahead of their time, their ideas are creative and unique and do not conform to the status quo. They are often found in the social services field or within political organizations.  They have an important role in representing progressive ideals and introducing new ideas that pave the way for future progress and improvement of the human condition.

The North Node in the 11th house or Aquarius - The need to place humanitarian concerns over their own personal desires and drives.  They have creative talents, leaderships skills, a strong will, and determination honed from previous lifetimes, which they need to use for the good of society.  The life task is likely to be involved with a cause, a group endeavor, new ideas, science, technology, astrology, and computer science.

Saturn in Aquarius or in the 11th house - Former lifetimes of rejection by a group, community, or peers may have left emotional scars resulting in  feelings of isolation and not belonging in the present lifetime.  These individuals need to become involved with others and express themselves with a group.  This is the only way for them to overcome their sense of inferiority and shyness.  Those they do form friendships with may be people they knew in former lifetimes.

It is generally understood that anyone born under the sign of Pisces, has a Pisces Ascendant, several planets in the sign of Pisces and/or planets situated in the 12th house of the natal chart will possess those energies related to the "water" element within their psyche. 

Angel Pisces is here to serve.  The suffering and dependency of early lifetimes develops his/her compassion and empathy, which fuels the goal of service in later lifetimes.  Through service, they heal their sense of loneliness and alienation.  Their feeling of not belonging in the world is remedied by knowing that they belong to another world - the world of spirit - and by their ability to serve others by translating this realm for them.  At this level, they are often psychics or mediums.  At their most advanced, they are religious leaders and spiritual teachers who guide others in understanding the Self and the nature of the universe.  They are the mystics and the gurus who heal not only the psyche but also the soul.

The North Node in the 12th house or Pisces - The need to develop spiritual awareness and understanding.  These individuals are pursuing spiritual truth, which usually requires some solitude.  Their search may result in their becoming spiritual healers or teachers, psychotherapists, psychics, artists, musicians, monks, or nuns.  Their gifts are imagination, creativity, insight, intuition, inspiration, and spiritual understanding.

Saturn in Pisces or in the 12th house - Many individuals are drawn to serving others confined in institutions.  It may be a way for them to repay service they received from society when they were dependent or incapacitated.  Their desire to serve also comes from the compassion they developed from having been confined, mentally ill, or helpless in a former lifetime.

It is not easy being an Angel in human disguise.  It took a great deal of love and commitment to make the journey - and there weren't any promises of rewards in this lifetime or any other.  It is presumed that only on the spiritual dimension Angels are rewarded by the Creator.  Their  auras or Merkabahs vibrate more brilliantly with a magnificent array of breathtaking light and color unimaginable to us on this plane.  So be kind to yourselves and love yourselves for all the effort and pain you have endured as well as all the contributions you have made with each mysterious human lifetime. 


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