Are you walking on the 
right path?

Whatever is happening inside our internal universe manifests in the external universe.

We are conditioned in our world to have our feelings in response to something else that happens to us in our world.

Feelings are the doorway to a power that lives within each one of us.  It's a power that we know intuitively that our logic began to forget about seventeen hundred years ago.  

Do you believe that there is a power that lives within us that can heal our bodies?  A power capable of bringing a lasting peace and ending the misery and tragedy so rampart in the world?

Our scientific community has validated through extensive research that this power exists.  While we still need more information and research, it is essential that we begin to utilize this power to help solve the many expected challenges and hardships facing us in the future.  It is believed that our technology will fail us in solving these challenges.  So, we must now turn inwards to a "higher technology"  that we all share and know on an inner and intuitive level.  Ancient text and tradition has reminded us as we go back in history that a wisdom was given to the people of Earth that has lived among us.  What happened to this wisdom?  Where is this inner technology?

We now know that seventeen hundred years ago, tremendous amounts of information were taken from the "open" literature we had always gone to.   There wasn't any bible as yet - only a loose collection and compilation of scrolls, documents, manuscripts, and oral transmissions that had accumulated over a period of time. Although we knew these truths in our minds and hearts, we put them in text form to insure nothing would be forgotten.  But, this information was edited from our most sacred texts. What was left was further reduced and simplified so that it would make sense to the average person. At least 25 books were eliminated from our bible; they included scrolls about Mary and Jesus.  There are no missing years of Jesus.  They're missing simply because they were taken out of the texts which tells about a young man coming into the world with powers that he is struggling to understand and how he comes to know these powers.  

There were an additional 20 supporting documents that were also removed.  What happened before the beginning was described in the1st and 2nd books that spoke of Adam and Eve.  A very powerful technological book disclosed the secrets of the prophet Enoch speaking about the "luminaries" with information so accurate it could not be confirmed until the 20th century!

Today many of our scientific principles are spiritual properties, practices, and historic beliefs.  While our science is good, it is incomplete as it applies the scientific method only where it believes there is a reason to use it. Until recently, science did not believe there was a relationship between our inner and outer worlds.

The most profound "Key" generated from insights of the Essenes (whose lineage goes back 4000 years before Christ) who stated that  "the world around us is a mirror of the beliefs that we harbor from within".  They suggest that while our world appears to be solid it is actually vibrating at a different frequency and can be manipulated by our consciousness.

The last three years, science has done much research giving credence to this - a quantum science. (Quantum Physics is the study of non-physical forces whose movements touch and create our physical world.)   It is now believed that our volatile weather patterns may be  the result of all the violence, hatred, anger, etc. that we, as a collective, are harboring in our consciousness.  As we heal our inner personal challenges (hate, anger, jealousy, etc.) through forgiveness, understanding, tolerance and compassion - we may expect our outer world to mirror that same healing to us. Within the last two years, Western Science is finding a direct relationship between weather patterns and mass emotion in large population centers.  Emotion is magnetic in nature.  Barometric pressure responds to human emotions.  The Ancients have said this for a long time but we did not understand what they were saying.

The Dead Sea Scrolls (800) were discovered in 1946.  The most interesting was the original Book of Genesis.  There is only one copy of this scroll in all the caves and so for the first time we were able to read the unedited version of the original Book of Genesis. 

It is through these scrolls that we find a tremendous amount of information about the background of the people who recorded them - the ancient Essenes who wrote to a people they could only imagine in their dreams.  They wrote to us sharing this wisdom.  We are just beginning to recognize two very powerful technologies that allow us to determine the condition of our bodies and the future of our world.  They said that what's happening inside each one of us is happening outside in the world. The first technology they speak of is prophesy - which our scientists have labeled  "remote viewing" - the ability to project our awareness through time (our senses) and to peer into the distant future, past or other possibilities in the present moment and record what is happening thus allowing us to see future consequences that are the result of the choices we are making presently.

The second  technology is a lost mode of prayer that is different than any other type of traditional prayer we have seen in the West.  This prayer does not have words - no outward expression.  It is a consciousness that we achieve within as an inner technology.  

In Jerusalem at the Shrine of the Book Museum, the first seven scrolls are displayed in a unique and heavily protected manner.  In the center on the Shrine, the precious and sacred  Isaiah Scroll is wrapped around a cylinder for view. It was found completely intact, all 66 chapters recorded in perfect condition.  The Isaiah Scroll has a very important message:  to explore the mystery of prophecy and prayer.  This is done by understanding the physics of time.  Our relationship to time is the secret to the healing in our bodies.  Its the secret to transcending the challenges we face.  

In the Isaiah Scroll, the great prophet talks about our future.  He calls it his Apocalypse (a word that simply means to disclose or reveal) - what he had "remote viewed" or seen in our future. He saw two possibilities; he sees a time where the Earth is laid waste, utterly striped and polluted because of its inhabitants.  Cities are ruined and destruction is everywhere.  At the same time he sees an Earth where streams burst forth in the desert, where sorrow and mourning leave the people of the Earth, a time where the eyes of the blind are opened and we are cured of all maladies.  Scholars are puzzled.  They say:  Which is it? Is it a time of destruction or is it a time of peace and joy?  Must we go through the bad times before we live the good times?  Maybe not.







Do you believe that you can create your own destiny?  Perhaps so. Yet many  people feel their lives are predestined to a great extent  and that "fate" plays an important role in their life  scenario.

Have you every heard that your "thoughts" and "desires" are very powerful and that you can manifest your expectations?

One statement seems to contradict the other. Which is correct? 

This article is an endeavor to explore the findings of  recently discovered secrets  translated from the  "Dead Sea Scrolls".  I think you will find it very empowering.

Albert Einstein said that time is not at all what it seems.  It is not floating in one direction and that the future exists simultaneously with the past in the same moment.

Stephen Hawkin, in recent times, now takes this one step further.  He said  quantum mechanics does not predict a single definite result for an observation. We don't know what's going to happen precisely in the future.  Rather, it predicts a number of different futures, possible outcomes, and tells how likely each one of these is. 

Modern science postulates that we are living in a 3-zone time frame:  past,  future, and "vertical time".  Vertical time suggests that at any moment of time, many, many experiences are playing out at the same moment.  The key is that they are already created.  How many of you have heard that we create our reality? 

 Quantum Physics is now suggesting that it may be more accurate to state that rather than creating our reality, if they are already created, we  choose which of the many possibilities already created we bring to bear in our lives. On a personal level, if we are diagnosed with a health threatening challenge, for every moment of personal challenge, there are other possibilities where that simply does not exist!

On a global level, if faced with world war, there are other possibilities where this does not happen.  These ideas are called "parallel possibilities".  

Everything in this world and in the universe is made up of vibrations.  What appears to us as solid, such as ice, are molecules vibrating at a particular speed.  Speed up the vibration, it becomes water.  And if you speed it up even more - it becomes steam.  Our thoughts too have their own distinct vibration.  Similar vibrations will attract each other. 

Our reality is like a holographic ball of clay.  It appears to be real but it's formed and sculptured based on the vibration we give it.

As we think, we vibrate.  As we vibrate, we attract.  We want to always think positively.  The reason something wonderful happens in our life is because we attract a vibration similar to our thoughts.

Were the Ancients standing in the Ribbons of Time where the array of possibilities are infinite?  A range from the darkest to the brightest. Is this what the they were trying to tell us - that we have a choice.  Could these prophesies be showing us a range of possibilities rather than a sequence of events?  Barely scratching the surface of the meaning and translation of the scrolls, we are beginning to understand that we have the ability to glimpse into  future consequences of choices we are making in the present and that we embody the power to choose which of those consequences we experience.